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Gurupoon can be celebrated at spiritual locations together with Santram Temple and Vadtal

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– Guru Govind Dono Khade, Kisko Lagu Pay. Balihari Guru Dev Ki,

– Devotees and devotees will worship Guru and obtain blessings: Numerous spiritual packages can be held in temples

Nadiad: Ashadh Sud Poonma means Guru Poonma. Beneath this competition, Rs. The newly constructed Shri Laxminarayan Dev Sanskrit Faculty, constructed at a price of Rs.

In accordance with the schedule of this system, Mars Aarti can be held at 9-15 within the morning. Shri Harikrishna Maharaj can be worshiped by the hands of Acharya Maharaj at 9-15 within the morning after Shangar Aarti at 8 within the morning. Pujan Aarti can be held at 3-4 hours. After which the kirtan bhakti program will begin within the assembly pavilion. The story is deliberate because the speaker of Shai Swami Satsang Bhushan Das. The brand new Sanskrit Faculty can be inaugurated by Acharya Maharaj and elder saints at 8-30 within the morning. Acharya Rakesh Prasadji Maharaj can be worshiped by Vadtal Board. Acharya Maharaj will ship blessings to the devotees.

Whereas at Nadiad Santram Temple, meditation will be finished at 9-15 within the morning, Tilak Darshan at 8-30 within the morning, Mangala Darshan at 8 to 9 within the morning and Padukaji’s darshan will be finished from 6 within the morning to eight at evening. On this event, Mahant Shri Ramdasji Maharaj of Santaram temple and different saints will worship Gurugadi and ship blessings to the devotees. Adi Mai Jagadguru Bhagwan Kani Keshavji Maharaj Swarup Paduka Pujan at 8:30 am at Nadiad Amba Ashram at 9-30 am and Shri Shri Amba Prasadji Maharaj Pujan at 11 am and ship blessings to the devotees. Whereas Guruvand’s program can be held at Mai Mandir.

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