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400 cusecs water income began in Shetrunji Dam of the district 400 cusecs water income began in Shetrunji Dam of the district – Information in Gujarati – Gujarati Newspaper – Gujarati Information

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– Drizzle in 4 talukas and three dam areas

– Interruption of rain in most areas: Influx of water in Malan and Rojki dams, starting of influx and outflow of water in Bagd and Kalubhar dams.


Amidst the cloudy climate, it rained in 4 talukas of Bhavnagar district on Thursday. Rain was recorded in three dam areas, whereas rain has stopped in all different areas. Shetrunji Dam remains to be receiving sluggish water move. Some dams have began receiving water.

4 talukas of Bhavnagar district obtained drizzle at present, together with 6 mm in Talaja taluka, 3 mm in Mahuva, 2 mm in Vallabhipur and a couple of mm in Umrala taluka. Other than this, 5 mm of rain was recorded in Khurachi Dam, 3 mm in Hanol Dam and 5 mm in Bagad Dam. In different areas, the rain took a break. In Shetrunji Dam of Bhavnagar district, water influx from upstream has began sluggish since final 7 days. 400 cusecs of water began flowing in Shetrunji Dam at present, Thursday. As water influx has began in Shetrunji Dam, the extent has risen to 29.9 toes. Because the water influx has began, the extent of the dam remains to be more likely to rise. Shetrunji dam will overflow at 34 toes so the dam remains to be greater than 4 toes empty.

Apart from, 46 cusecs of water was began in Malan Dam and 46 cusecs in Rojki Dam. Each these dams are greater than 90 p.c full so there’s a risk of overflow anytime. 4.6 cusecs in Bagd Dam and 1.50 cusecs in Kalabhar Dam have began influx and outflow of water. Irrigation division sources stated that there isn’t a rain in any dam in Bhavnagar and Botad district at present and water revenue can be stopped.

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